Monday, September 28, 2009

day after day after day

Recently my yoga talked about a sadhana practice—committing to something for 40 straight days. Should you miss a day of whatever it is you're committed to, you have to go back to the beginning. Looking through my blog drafts, I apparently committed to blogging every day at least 7 times in the past month, often not getting through a paragraph before something took me away.

I actually just got up to make tea. Or really to make a concoction of apple cider vinegar, honey and hot water that's wonderful for sinus stuff. But at least this time I sat back down to write. I started this morning with a to-do list, checking it against my last to-do list and noticing I hadn't done most of the stuff on it. I often wish my life was more one-dimensional, as in not being splintered by so many un-related things. It's hard to focus entirely when disparate forces pull me all over the place (the timer just went off for my hot water).

I just sent out design invoices for the first time since July, which will make my zero balance bank account very happy. I've got to design a t-shirt collection for Iz's new middle school. By Friday. I've already missed the opportunity to have them printed in order to sell this week but, well, I don't have an excuse except I didn't get it done. And that's rare for me. I usually live in a state of borderline anxiety until my list is complete. I have to revamp Flow's website—I'm the only one taking care of this and it's time consuming. There's also a Flow blog and Flow twitter account that have fallen off the wagon. Next up, a new Flow film. Again, it's me finding the art, art directing and doing all production. It can take days of straight concentration, which I don't have right now. I'm listening to Iz's cough which now sounds like it's deep in her chest. She's already on antibiotics for a double ear infection. Last week someone was home sick almost every day. It's time for her meds. And to bake the banana chocolate chip muffin cookies she needs to take them with.

I was asked to write for a Chicken Soup for the Soul book—Thanks Dad. That's almost done but I know Jon will tear it to shreds when he reads it and I'll be doing it again, almost from scratch. And then there's the wonderful new fiction project that I'm working on. 7 chapters to work through.

Then I have things like:

• get to the picture library to return the art that was due a month ago
• buy long pants for Jack as he only has ones destroyed at the knees
• laundry (I can write that every day, it's the bane of my existence
• wrap presents for my best friend's birthday
• make chocolate covered strawberries (after I buy the chocolate and strawberries) to take to a break fast later
• yoga

And then Flow PR. That's supposed to be at the top of my list every day but often I have no time left to even think about it. I had said that 2 months out (and that would have been September 10th, that I'd do something to promote the book every day. Sigh).

Oh, and then there's the endless time I squander on twitter, facebook, emailing, and checking what's up in the world.

But, here's a day one post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get to day two.


Susan said...

Ok... you have inspired me. I will be making my 40 day commitment, too. I am exhausted just reading about your list!


elissa stein said...

40 days of blogging? I'd like to commit to 40 days of no whining, but that's not very likely.