Sunday, May 17, 2009

the never-ending juggle

There are some days when I know I can't pull off all that I have to. Today is one of them. Actually, I think I've felt this way for weeks but haven't been able to admit it. A bone-crushing fatigue is keeping me from thinking too much about everything and realizing how impossible it all is. I just made a master to-do list and only made it through 2 categories before I gave up. The apartment has been completely trashed and I don't care anymore. Usually I feel out of sorts when it looks like this but even so, I don't care. Somehow, the ability to relax and have fun has temporarily disappeared. Will it ever come back? I thought I was going to faint in the street today. I'm having that woozy feeling right now and am not sure if it's just exhaustion or something worse. In this frame of mind, I'm focussing on worse. I've been sleeping through the night, which is insanely rare for me. That's how completely wiped out I am.

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Jeremy said...

Hope you're doing better. I go through similar times like that myself -- fatigue and not really caring about much at all, which is not a good thing when someone is paying me to care about certain things.

But, it passes. Hopefully yours has passed already and your energy and enthusiasm has returned. Perhaps the nice weather this week has helped...